Vote YES for the ISD 834 School Levy Nov. 5, 2013.
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Meet the Corbett family. Matt and Kim are two of the hundreds of parents that are dedicated to giving their kids the best education possible and voting YES on November 5. View their story, share it with parents you know, and tell us you commit to vote YES.


The operating levy that area voters approved in 2007 will expire at the end of the 2013-14 school year.  These funds provide nearly 12 percent of the annual budget to educate students in Stillwater Area Public Schools, approximately $1,005 per student,  indexed for inflation. Without new levy funding, the School District will carry out $11 million in board-approved cuts.

In April 2013, the School Board introduced and approved a preliminary measure that was reviewed with further input through the summer months. In August the School Board approved the actual ballot question.

On November 5, one question will appear on the ballot to address levy funding, indexed for inflation over an eight (8) year term. It provides for a renewal of the existing levy plus extra funds to allow the District to pursue a 5-year strategic plan to improve educational opportunities for students and boost security in school buildings through identified access improvements and a combination of anti-bullying and mental health support efforts. Read more